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Banners & signage

3D Access Solutions have all the right skills, equipment & qualified operatives to carry works on all of types buildings.

Services that keep you & your business running on time & in budget

Banner installation on high rise buildings using rope access is more cost effective than using traditional ladders, scaffolding or lifts. As at great height, the operational costs increase. All we need is a rope, harnesses & the rest of the safety equipment that we use.

Whatever the shape or size of your banner or building signage we can install it. Our team installs a wide range of advertising media. Just about anywhere on a building or structure.
Depending on the type of installation required & site conditions we will use the most appropriate types of access to perform the installations. Be it rope access or our own truck mounted access platforms, or temporary cradle systems. Therefore avoiding disruption with your day-to-day business.

Installations can even be done at night.

  • Full fitting & installation service
  • Installation of associated frames (if needed)
  • Co-ordination of Health and Safety
  • Banner changes
  • Decoration rigging & lighting rigging for events
  • Installation & repair of flagpoles

It’s not just bridges we can install on. Our High Rise Banner Installers can work on any tall building structure, so long there’s something to hang the banner on to!

If you would like more information or a free no-obligation quotation, please feel free to contact us. We cover the whole of the UK.