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Building Services

We carry out painting work on types of buildings externally & internally.

Other aspects of our building services where rope access can significantly reduce cost include:

Brickwork Repointing

Re-pointing is a necessary maintenance procedure for brickwork. Over time, the mortar, the substance which sits between the individual bricks, can be eroded away by the elements.

This potentially causes voids to open up in the mortar, allowing water ingress which can cause damage to the bricks and structure of the whole property.

Building Refurbishment

If your building needs a complete makeover, you can call us and we’ll be able to help. If your building needs anything from a lick of paint to a complete restructuring, we can help you refurbish almost any building.


Snagging in the construction industry refers to the finding and fixing of minor defects. This process occurs usually up to a fortnight before the completion of construction, carried out by a certifying authority, normally the architect or contract administrator. The process finds any potential issues with the building, which must be fixed before a “certificate of practical completion” is issued & the building can be passed onto the client.

Architectural glazing replacement

We can replace glass windows in all types of situations. From traditional commerical windows to atrium all the way to large glass panels. Our rope access skills mean we can replace panels high above the ground on larger buildings.