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No matter how high your broken windows are, or how tricky they are to access, our team will rise to the challenge. We specialise in replacing & servicing all type of glazing profiles.

Starting with basic sealant repairs to large-scale replacement of units, no job is too big, too small or difficult. As experienced installers of a wide range of glass, we are experienced & solution driven professionals at installing and replacing glazing be it in locations such as atriums, canopies, high rise buildings or stadiums.

Our fleet of specialist access plant equipment gives us a head start on every job, we can react quicker & this is reflected at a lower cost.

Our compliance testing & maintenance services conform to the BS Code of Practice BS 7985:2002, under BS EN795. BS EN795 is the British Standards directive for Protection Against Falls from Height (Anchorage Devices – Requirements and Testing).

Sometimes, even a little thing like a broken window can cause a major headache for your business. Our 24hr emergency service includes everything from boarding up damaged glazing, to removing loose capping & frameworks.

Our operatives Work around the clock, 24-7 the 365 days a year the country, providing a first class service. On every call-out by supplying and installing any like-for-like glazing or fixtures and fittings you might need. We get you back to business.

Glazing Surveys

We’re proud to say we carry out glazing surveys for the largest commercial property & facilities management companies in the world. Mainly focusing on overhead glazing in line with BS 5516-2:2004, we make sure the glass on each building is safe, secure and compliant across their entire portfolios.

After evaluating the safety and suitability of each window, we submit a detailed report outlining our findings, complete with photographs & considered recommendations.

Our surveys give your decision maker the full picture when it comes to the glazing on their properties letting them address any risks we spot. Any issues or problems we do come across, we provide a quick, affordable way to put them right.