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Permanent Access Systems

All the safety systems we install are Kee Safety products.

Services that keep you & your business running on time and in budget.

To keep up with the latest HSE legislation, all your building safety systems including eye bolts & horizontal lines must be tested & recertified. As trusted experts in the field, we’re here to help. We provide a competitive testing service. We go a step further, offering to manage your recertification when it’s due, guaranteeing all your safety systems stay compliant.

Facilities managers, property managers, building managers & property landlords are all responsible for protecting the safety of staff and contractors from falling at height.

Fall Arrest systems

Permanent fall arrest systems are the perfect safety solution for all your maintenance or work to be carried out at height.

A fall arrest system can come in a variety of styles depending on the nature & location it is to be installed.

All of our systems can be installed to any structure regardless of size or shape by our team of highly qualified steeplejacks & rope access technicians. All our systems comply with BS EN 353-1:2002.

Vertical systems

This type of system is ideal for chimneys, silos, masts, cranes, wind farms etc. where regular access is required.

A cable system

This is designed on a tensioned stainless steel cable, which the user connects to using a sophisticated fall arrest device.

In the event of a fall the device will lock & prevent steel cable from moving, allowing the shortest possible drop whilst minimising the forces applied to the body.

Eyebolt installation & testing

We are pleased to offer specialist installation & testing for all types of eyebolts. Our eyebolts can be installed into a wide variety of surfaces to provide a safe point of anchorage for fall arrest or work restraint purposes.

Fall arrest anchor devices

A fall arrest eyebolt needs to be suitably placed in the event of a fall the user receives none or very little injury. This includes a position where the eyebolt is correctly loaded. Fall arrest eyebolts are designed for fall arrest purposes only.

Fall arrest anchor devices can be supplied as fixed or removable. The removable anchor has a permanently fixed socket that is concealed by a flush fitting cover. Therefore the eyebolt can be used as & when it is needed. The advantage of this is that it offers a visually unobtrusive solution where this is a concern, e.g. a listed building.

Fixed Walkways

For accessing roofs & other fixtures, our fixed walkways include ladders, handrails & fixed gantries. Regularly tested, they fall under the Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations (P.U.W.E.R) 1998. They are made of steel or aluminum, & enable us to clean silos, rooftops or similar fixtures & fittings.

Longitudinally, fixed walkways offer safe access across roofs. Perpendicularly, a safe way out from silos, chimneys, or as fire escapes. Horizontally or vertically, we can work with you.
For us at 3D Access, they are another way to enable us to shot blast silos & clean windows. If you have any further queries about our fixed walkways, feel free to contact us, either online or by telephone. We shall get back to you as soon as possible

Guardrail Systems

Working on the roof can be hazardous whatever the weather. On rainy days, the surface can be slippery. Windy conditions more so, rain or shine. Plus the risk of falling is great unless the roof has a suitable parapet along its perimeter.
Safety is key where high-level access is concerned. Which is why 3D Rope Access offers a range of guardrail systems. We offer safety railing systems for permanent use. They are discreet & blend in with the surroundings.

Among the types of guardrails we offer are:

  • Freestanding: ideal for walkways as well as roofs;
  • Radius Guardrail: 60-degree curved guardrail. Great for structures with rounded corners;
  • Collapsible Guardrail: can be folded back with bolt & wing-nut fittings.
  • Available in pre-galvanised steel & aluminum;
  • Parapet Guardrail: extends height of parapet as per the Working at Height Regulations for Safety Act 2005;
  • Top-Fix Guardrail: non-free standing, ideal for parapet roofs.

If you have any further queries, why not get in touch with us? Owing to the bespoke nature of each task, feel free to discuss your requirements.
You can contact us by telephone on 0800 056 3496, or send an email on our contact form. We will be delighted to help with your enquiry.