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Roof light replacement

Old or faulty roof lights can often cause roof leaks & reduce the amount of natural light the problem can be avoided altogether with our Roof Light Replacement service.

All our service staff are ICATS, OPITO & PTS registered.

Our team has a whole host of experience replacing every kind of roof light. When we have surveyed the site & profile of the sheeting involved, our in-house specialist plant & equipment gives us easy access to the light.

Even better, we’re approved Giromax Delglaze applicators – a translucent product applied to existing polycarbonate roof lights to re-coat & re-seal.

We can provide site surveys & photographic reports including drone technology.

If you need a roof condition survey at short notice, we are at your disposal. We have our own fleet of truck-mounted access platforms, we respond quickly, reliably & on time.

All our reports come with photographic documentation to give you an accurate picture of the roof’s exact condition. We can also supply you with a link to drone video. In our survey reports, we’ll also list any recommended repairs & improvements that will help to keep your rooftop in the best possible condition.

A fast response time is guaranteed.