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Shot Blasting

3D Rope Access provide expert shot blasting services throughout the UK. Shot blasting is essential tool across a range of industries.

Our compliance testing & maintenance services conform to the BS Code of Practice BS 7985:2002, under BS EN795. BS EN795 is the British Standards directive for Protection Against Falls from Height (Anchorage Devices – Requirements & Testing).

Shot Blasting, also known as sandblasting or bead blasting is an extremely effective way of cleaning hard surfaces, as it uses high pressures to forcefully remove contaminants & other unwanted substances. Depending on the application, shot blasting can be done with water, sand, tiny shards of glass or any other abrasive substance.

The particles of these are released at high pressure with high speeds on reaching the surface which is being cleaned. All the force of the collision dislodges the contaminants, releasing them from the cleaned surface.

3D Rope Access provide this service, which is especially useful for silo cleaning & maintenance. Our rope experience enables us to specialise in shot blasting at altitude.

If you have a silo our shot blasting service is a necessary step to take, thus ensuring an optimal quality repaint. This method results in an even paint job which looks like new. You wouldn’t even know it had been shot blasted or re-painted.